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RE: T. rex was a 'slow-turning plodder'...

On Sat, 9 Jun 2007, Brandon Pilcher wrote:
Why does Hutchinson think a 3-4 ton rex is implausible? The article did not do a very good job at explaining the problem with that idea (science reporting for the lay masses at its finest again). As I understand, the standard 7-8 ton estimate for Rex used in both Hutchinson's studies and most dinosaur books is based on measurements using elephants. The idea that it was lighter comes from accounting for honeycomb structures in the bones and air sacs, present in T. rex but not in elephants. Now, I think 3 tons is pushing it, but I can see a 5-ton rex. If this case for a lighter rex can be vindicated, I'd like to see how that would affect speed and turning velocity estimates.

Are there known rex tracks? To perhaps derive a weight estimate?