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Re:Ameghiniana pdfs

Is it possible to find the recent papers from Ameghiniana and a few from the
old ones (2005 up to now), from this link

You could also find the abstracts of the papers since 2000 at

Up to now, is the only thing

Cheers, Javier.
Dr. Javier N. Gelfo
Depto. Científico Paleontología Vertebrados
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Buenos Aires- Argentina.
Tel. 54 221 425-9161/6744 int. 129
Fax. 54 221 425-7527

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Subject: Ameghiniana pdfs

Does anyone know if VP papers from Ameghiniana are available on the web as good quality pdfs? The only source I found is http://www.proyectodino.com.ar, but the scanning quality is mostly not good.

Thanks in advance,

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