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Re: Practical work experience?

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From: "Giorgos Georgalis" <dimetrodon82@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 7:53 PM

My final thesis is

''DNA and Protein Isolation from the 290 Million Year old
AmphibianDiscosauriscus austriacusand applications of Biotechnology
in Palaeontology''


Just a question... proteins are (somewhat) imaginable, but DNA is not supposed to hold for longer than 100,000 years. Are you sure you have isolated the DNA of *Discosauriscus* and not for example your own?

By the way, please don't call it an amphibian! The amphibians are more closely related to us than to the seymouriamorph *Discosauriscus*. http://tolweb.org/Terrestrial_Vertebrates/14952

And by the way I would like to comment on previous question about
electroreceptors in primitive tetrapoda

Discosauriscus had elecroreceptors.

Based on your biochemical research?