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Re: long necked gliding reptile

I agree,
Cool critter, anyway. Nick Fraser and I had some talking about this specimen some time ago and he he said it is very intriguing.
I also am looking forward to read the paper. The artist' restoration of the gliding structure looks like that of a a coelurosauravid, but I am not very confident if a long stretched neck would be compatible with gliding in such a fashion...
Well' let's wait for the paper...


At 23.29 12/06/2007, you wrote:
On 6/12/07, Renesto Silvio Claudio <silvio.renesto@uninsubria.it> wrote:
I wonder why on Earth is it written that Tanystropheus is found in Sweden
when MOST and BEST Tanystropheus specimens come from Italy and Switzerland?

Well, the articles also claims the new species as "a possible ancestor of _Tanystropheus_", which seems pretty improbable. I'll be looking forward to getting the next issue of JVP to see what the real deal is....

Mike Keesey


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