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Gigantoraptor stuff

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> John Conway
> Since the abstract doesn't mention it; I'm going to ask the obvious
> question: how similar is it to /Deinocheirus/?
(Since Jeff mentions that Nature has lifted the embargo, I'll go ahead and 

Not very. Nor much like Therizinosaurus, either. In fact, its arm and hand are 
more similar to basal eumaniraptorans than to other
oviraptorosaurs, in terms of propotions.

Phylogenetic analysis places it as the basalmost oviraptorid (deep within 
Oviraptorosauria, closer to Oviraptor than Caenagnathus).
Its caudals are somphospondylian/massospondylian (i.e., spongy as a poriferan).

Hindlimb proportions are marginally more elongate than similar sized 
tyrannosaurids: this thing was a mover!!

Cranium is not known: it would cool if it had a crest! Mandible is intermediate 
in form between Caenagnathus/Caenagnathasia and
typical oviraptorids in terms of relative dentary size.

This thing is HUGE: Albertosaurus-sized. If it ate "small vertebrates", those 
small vertebrates could include protoceratopsids...

It's "birdiness" are mostly convergences, as with oviraptorids (and 
caenagnathoids in general), as more basal oviraptorosaurs lack
these traits.

It is from the Iren Dabasu, which means that fauna includes one or more big 
therizinosaurs, a medium-sized tyrannosauroid, a huge
dromaeosaurid, and a titanic oviraptorosaur. Coelurosauria Central!

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