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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

Would you mind being more specific about what I misunderstand?


I understand that consensus is that when T. rex proper was in full flower
sauropods were getting kind of scarce... might have been one prey/predator
race where the predator won.

It was the other way around. First sauropods became scarce or extinct in North America, then they reappeared, and then *T. rex* evolved. Your scenario requires that *T. rex* appeared first, and then sauropods became rarer and rarer and then died out.

Tyrannosaurids don't look at all like specialized sauropod-hunters. From such an animal I'd expect the ability to make huge wounds in a short time and then retreat. This is what carnosaurs, especially carcharodontosaurids, look like. Tyrannosaurs were pursuit-and-bite predators. Sauropods don't run away, and staying to fight with a sauropod is ill-advised.

Furthermore, the geographical overlap of tyrannosaurids and sauropods is limited.

And there's no evidence for an arms race...