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Thomas Carr to lecture on Ivan the T. rex

Those DMLers who are in the Wichita area may want to check out the Museum of World Treasures on Saturday:


"World Renowned Scholar to Study T-rex Ivan"

"World renowned T-rex scholar, Dr. Thomas Carr, will visit the Museum of World Treasures on June 15th and 16th, 2007 to conduct a comprehensive study of the specimen known as Ivan."


"Dr. Carr will spend the day on Friday, June 15th in seclusion as he pours over the specimen to determine its authenticity as well as possible scientific significance. On Saturday, June 16th Dr. Carr will spend the morning conducting further public studies and will spend time talking with patrons and answering questions they might have regarding paleontology and specifically Ivan. His visit will culminate with a presentation entitled, 'Tyrannosaurus rex â the latest information on the ultimate predator of all time.'" <snip>

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