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A request for suggestions

I doing a science fiction project in which one alien empire has its ships named for dinosaurs. (Well, named by military intelligence of the Earth empire, which cannot pronounce what the aliens call them).

I need some suggestions for proper dinosaur genera.

I need

Some kind of older Triassic carnivore. (This would be for an old ship that the Gorns refurbished for survey missions)

Some kind of stegosaurian with a cool-sounding name. (We already have a stegosaurus, and this spaceship is a "faster" version of that.)

One of the newer smaller feathered chinese raptors. (for a more recent small combat ship)

Some kind of late-cretacious lambeosaur (for a cargo version of a smaller ship)

Please feel free to Email me some ideas off list. I don't want to clutter up the place.