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Beware of cross-posting

Although subject material covered on the VRTPaleo list will frequently
be of interest to members of the Dinosaur Mailing List, we at DML
management would like to remind would-be cross posters that the rules
governing the two lists are not the same.  In two particulars, VRTPaleo
allows discussion of Creationism, and they have a much more restricted
definition of what constitutes "advertising" with respect to the sale
of real fossil material.

We've been a bit lax (early summer doldrums?) and let a few actionable
messages go by without complaint.  Please don't count on our largesse
continuing...  As far as we're concerned, a cross-posted message is
subject to the same rules as a message you authored yourself.  Please
be careful with your forwarding.


Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)