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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

Don Ohmes wrote:

2). The record of sauropods in general seems to be one of increasing size,

Ummm... maybe not.


The gist of this is that although most sauropod lineages included big (VERY big) taxa, these same lineages tended to end with smaller taxa.

Does the way the sauropod record fizzled out (in terms of diversity) falsify the notion that no >matter how big a given long-neck got, the bipeds just got taller, and the TBJ's finally 'won'?

Regarding sauropod diversity, I wouldn't say this is necessarily true. It is true that most Late Cretaceous sauropods belong to a single group: the Titanosauria. However, the titanosaurs were a VERY diverse group, both phylogenetically and morphologically (by sauropod standards). The fact that most LK sauropods have been traditionally lumped into a single family ("Titanosauridae") has tended to understate what a diverse clade the Titanosauria actually was.



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