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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

2). The peculiar vulnerability of the sauropod physique was the reason they went so overboard on size (trying to keep those necks out of reach).

I suspect a well-aimed bite by a tyrannosaur could possibly have incapacitated an adult sauropod. HOWEVER - sauropods are unlikely to have coorperated by standing nice and still to allow for such a well-aimed bite. I'm not sure how stealthy a multi-tonne tyrannosaur could have been, but I'm guessing most saurpods would have known about them long before the predator was within striking range, and taken appropriate counter measures (ie. diplodocids probably 'turned the other cheek' to put a swinging tail between the predator and their own 'vulnerable' heads).

what would happen if the tyrannosaur bit down into the tail?
(my guess: the sauropod would bleed to death, no matter what happens with the tyrannosaur)

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