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Knight drawing of Chimaera

It's synapsid, so exclusive dinosaur lovers won't be interested, but for those who like Charles Knight's paleontological art...
The May 2007 issue of "Scientific American," in the 50 and 100 years ago department, reproduces (alas, not at a very large size) a 1907 Knight illustration of "Naosaurus."* Alas, someone had misassociated a Dimetrodon skull with Edaphosaurus postcrania, so the reconstructed animal portrayed is a chimaera: something with an Edaphosaurid sail, but an oversize Spenacodontid head (with a cheerful expression, and what looks like an ear-hole in an implausibly high conjectural position).
* I can't remember whether "Naosaurus" is the name of a taxon close to Edaphosaurus or a synonym for "Edaphosaurus." It's a great name in either case: given the suggestion of a square-rigger's spars given by the lateral projections on an Edaphosaur's "masts", calling it a "ship lizard" is nice!
Allen Hazen
Philosophy Department
U of Melbourne