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Re: Non-theropod dinosaurs and feathery/fluffy integument

Are pstittacos found in both Yixian faunas [...]?

Yes. As usual, those from the lower part of the Yixian formation are 3-D bones only, while those from the upper part are 2-D complete skeletons with scales, like how the lizards and champsosaurs preserve scales there. The specimen with the quills is a slab from the upper part and has scales all over the body.

Regarding the identity of those quills, they cannot be from a plant because their color and their regular arrangement with respect to the vertebrae simply rule this out. Have a look at the photos (anyone want the pdf? :-) ). Stage I feathers are supposed to be hollow and unbranched, which probably means they are identical to these quills, except that the quills are much bigger than predicted for stage I feathers. Thus, the homology remains an open question.

The juvenile *Allosaurus* with scale impressions is 4 m long, so it may not qualify as "small"...