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Re: Fw: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, don ohmes wrote:
In the case where the spine is in the 'anvil' between the jaws, I think the pneumaticized vertebrae would crushed and 'instant' incapacitation would result.

Otherwise, I doubt the neck is strong enough to support the weight of a large theropod, much less swing it around, if the hold is away from the

Adrenalin and panic can work wonders.

shoulders. A good catchdog, using the leverage available in the relatively short bovine neck, can _routinely_ flip a running cow 20-25

A sauropod probably could not run like that but probably could move with some measure of speed when necesary. A cow does not have pillar like legs nor a large tail. This changes the dynamics.

times it's mass end-over-end. Risk to the dog exists, but is minimal.

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On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, don ohmes wrote:
"..but looks like an unnecessary risk when the prey is twice as long and tall
as the predator." --DM

What is risky about reaching up and grabbing a sauropod by the neck, if
you match the physical description of a tyrannosaur? If your hold is 2m
behind the head, you are 8m away from the front feet. Even that assumes
no injury to the spine of the prey item, which would result in instant
incapacitation of the prey.

It 'looks like' to me like you are characterizing prey/predator
interactions on the basis of sheer intuition, and are overly impressed
by simple size differential.

That neck is still capable of swinging around and some sort of violent motion should be expected in response. Depending on the size of the sauropod, incapacitation would not seem like a given. In fact, it might even hurt the predator.