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Re: Incomiiiing! new paper!

--- K and T Dykes <ktdykes@arcor.de> schrieb:

> <<New issue of APP is out with new psittacosaurus.>>
> And still more spectacularly, there's a revision of
> Upper Cretaceous
> pediomyid metatherians, a South American multi, and
> a Mongolian
> tritylodontid.  I'm having trity for the first
> course.

I'm having penguin. A double helping please!

The new penguin genus, _Madrynornis_, is *interesting*
phylogenetically. The mol/morph consensus clade is
_Eudyptes_ + _Megadyptes_, but it needs total evidence
for more than lacklustre support. Having a nearly
complete specimen of a distinct lineage that -> <-
close to _Eudyptes_ calls for re-reading some of last
year's papers to see how the non-apomorphies of that
group - and the shared apomorphies of _Megadyptes_ +
the "Antarctic" clade - fall now...*. Some interesting
autapomorphies in the new pingu too.

For the avian paleontologist, _Madrynornis_ is only a
notch below _Gigantoraptor_ in significance I'd say.
It's bizarre, considering phylogeny and character
evolution in the face of biogeography... nothing so
far crownwards has ever been found to occur in the SW
Atlantic, and no "stout"-type tarsometatarsus was
hitherto known from spheniscines.

Other than that, the oldest penguin assigned to an
extant genus (_Spheniscus_) is described:



(*) They briefly discuss this, but I don't think that
there is much of a problem with the shaky support of
the _Eudyptes_+_Megadyptes_ clade. The latter is
monotypic, and neither has a fossil (as opposed to
subfossil) record. I'd actually be surprised if it
were possible to place _Megadyptes_ more firmly with
the data at hand...

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