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Nappy-headed dinOHs (Re: Non-theropod dinosaurs and feathery/fluffy integument

Brandon Pilcher wrote:
Why is it conventional for paleoartists to cover their smaller theropods (or infants of larger theropod genera) with feathers or proto-feathers, but not dinosaurs from other clades? I have almost never seen, say, a "coated" ornithopod, psittacosaurid, or stegosaurid hatchling.

There is a gorgeous painting by Larry Felder of a fluffy Parasaurolophus hatchling in the book 'In the Presence of Dinosaurs.' It reminds one of a fawn. It is, of course, highly speculative.

BTW, is it possible that some dinosaurs may have had "nappy" or kinky integument (thinking Afro-type), as opposed to the straight fluff/feathers usually found on fossils bearing impressions?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the pun in email heading. Maybe it'd be easier to refer to feather-dreads as 'musk-ox like?'

~Tiffany Miller

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