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Fwd: New specimens of Jobaria and ?Iguanodon found in Niger


there are news on the Jobaria and ?Iguanodon bones from Niger which I already mentioned here: http://dml.cmnh.org/2007Apr/msg00355.html

The ?Iguanodon bones (about 300 pieces) belong to a 14m individual and have been arrived in Germany in May. Ulrich Joger, the director of the Museum of Natural History in Braunschweig who also led the expedition in Niger and identified the bones as ?Iguanodon in the field, is still sure that the bones belong to a new species which will be determined soon.

The second skeleton, a Jobaria, is still in Niger and is hoped to be transported to Braunschweig soon. The individual is estimated by Joger to be 20m long.

Source: http://www.focus.de/wissen/wissenschaft/knochenfund_aid_57165.html (in German, but with the first pic of the ?Iguanodon)

The homepage of the Museum in Braunschweig (http://www.naturhistorisches-museum.de/gruss.html, also German, click on "Aktuelles" for pics) gives additional informations about bony plates of a dinosaur, theropod teeth, tracks of a raptor and petrified wood which have been found in the same area as the two skeletons.