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RE: Gigantoraptor stuff

John Scanlon wrote:

Among big flightless Caenozoic birds, dinornithids are perhaps the _least_
like _Gigantoraptor_ in several respects:

The head is extremely small, the jaws shallow and beak hookless, implying an
extreme of the ratite 'pluck and swallow' feeding style rather than the
cutting and crushing ability attested by the deep, robust and apparently
hooked (parrot-like) jaws and beak of the oviraptorid.

I was hoping someone would refute me on this - thanks.

And moas totally lacked forelimbs, defensive or otherwise.

This I knew. What I was getting at was that the forelimbs of oviraptorosaurs may have been retained for defense and/or display, rather than playing an active role in procuring food. I didn't mean to imply that this is what moa did (!). (Though such forelimbs might have come in handy fending off human hunters. Too late now.)

(BTW, I was informed by a NZ chappie that "moa" is both plural and singular.)



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