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New gliding reptile: Mecistotrachelos

Hello List members, I hope you do not mind the intrusion of a layperson who has been fatally bitten with dinosaur-fever... I have been following the latest discoveries, and the bird-as-dinosaur developments with intense interest, and this new gliding reptile, has me bursting out all over to ask the experts: *how do the wings of this new fossil relate to the maybe-feathers/maybe-scales wings of the Longisquama? (And do we know for sure that the Longisquama feathers/scales were not connected by a membrane between them??)

Paula Goodman

David Peters wrote:

<<Yes, Coelurosauravus is related to Icarosaurus and Mecistotrachelos. Yes, the wings are homologous. What we see in Fraser's new gliding reptile is simply a later form that reduced and fused the ribs to the vertebrae, as in Icarosaurus, yet retained the long neck of Coelurosauravus -- and made it longer.>>