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Re: Fw: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

On 6/18/07, don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:
AJ-- "Your idea need to be anchored in actual spatiotemporal distributions of 

They are. Sauropods and theropods both appear in the Late Triassic aka 'the beginning'. They coexist until KPg... aka 'the end'.

You said that the largest thero's and sauro's occured simultaneously. Retreating to that they both occured in the Late Triassic to end Cretaceous isn't merely stretching the idea of "simultaneously", it's cutting it in two.

Our perspective on evolution is evidently very different. I don't think that the end theropod being the biggest, and the end sauropod being the most armored, and quite large, does anything to falsify the notion of a prey/predator size race.

If prey not getting larger doesn't do anything to falsify the notion of a predator/prey size race, what on earth would?

That T.rex evolved separately from the allosaurids seems indicative to me that the evolutionary sub-strate was conducive to creating mega-predators.

Certainly, but an environment conducive to the evolution of mega-predators does not equal a size race between those mega-predators and mega-sauropods, especially not for those mega-predators that, as far as is known, did not coexist with mega-sauropods.

Andreas Johansson

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