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Oviraptor/therizinosaur/ornithomimid reference request

L.J. Krumenacker writes:
 > Hi All,
 > Can anyone out there suggest/provide any good
 > references to familiarize oneself with the
 > post-cranial osteology of oviraptorids,
 > therizinosaurids, and ornithomimids.  Sorry for such a
 > broad request and thanks for the help.
 > L.J. Krumenacker

Hi, L. J.

(Hmm, that looks like the authorship of a Chinese paper.)

The best way to get this kind of high-level overview of the anatomy of
several dinosaur groups is definitely the book _Dinosauria_, 2nd
ed. (which is _totally_ different from the first), published 2004,
edited by Weishampel et al.  It's easy to find on Amazon and
elsewhere, and IMHO stupidly cheap for for what it is (i.e. a huge,
chunky, close-to-definitive-as-possible tome).

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