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In search of Mantell 1852

Mike Taylor writes:
 > Deal DMLers,
 > For some time I've been searching for a copy of this paper, but so far
 > without any success.  If anyone out there has a PDF, please contact me
 > off-list.  Many thanks indeed.
 > Mantell, G. A.  1852.  On the structure of the Iguanodon and on the
 > fauna and flora of the Wealden Formation.  Notice: Proceedings of the
 > Royal institute of Great Britain 1: 141-146.

Thanks to Andyt Farke, I now know that this is freely available on
(drum roll) Google Books.  Well, I would _never_ have thought to look
there!  Great news, which I wanted to share with you all in the hope
that more DMLers will benefit from this digitisation effort.

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