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RE: Oviraptor/therizinosaur/ornithomimid reference request

L.J. Krumenacker wrote-

Can anyone out there suggest/provide any good
references to familiarize oneself with the
post-cranial osteology of oviraptorids,
therizinosaurids, and ornithomimids.  Sorry for such a
broad request and thanks for the help.

The original descriptions of Gallimimus (Osmolska et al., 1972), Sinornithomimus (Kobayashi and Lu, 2003), Nomingia, Nemegtomaia (Lu et al., 2004), Erliansaurus (Xu et al., 2002), and Neimongosaurus (Zhang et al., 2001).
Makovicky's (1995) and Lu's (2004) theses.

Mickey Mortimer