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Re: Fw: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

Don Ohmes wrote:

Our perspective on evolution is evidently very different. I don't think that the end theropod being the biggest, and the end sauropod being the most armored, and quite large, does anything to falsify the notion of a prey/predator size race.

As David said, the largest titanosaurs tend not to be armoured. If anything, the opposite is true. For example, saltasaurids (one of the smallest sauropod lineages) have body armour.

That T.rex evolved separately from the allosaurids seems indicative to me that the evolutionary sub-strate was conducive to creating mega-predators. Why would I conclude that sauropods weren't a part of that? While I can't be certain they were, it seems to attain best 'guess status'.

Because Late Cretaceous sauropods from North America were not so "mega". On the other hand, several ornithichian lineages do include exceptionally large taxa at the end of the Cretaceous in North America: Ceratopsia, Ornithopoda (as hadrosaurs), and Ankylosauria.

David M. already provided a terrific summary of why Cope's Rule appears not to apply to Sauropoda throughout the Mesozoic, so I won't elaborate on that point.



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