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Re: Wilkinson's pterosaur wings

I look forward to reading this. Anybody got a PDF?
I note in passing, that the wing membrane is viscoelastic rather than elastic.

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Subject: Wilkinson's pterosaur wings

Dear All,

I just happened upon Matt Wilkinson's latest paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (details below).
Have not had time to read it in detail (pedagogical duties), but it seems to be an excellent piece of work
and the clearest exposition of the basic mechanics of pterosaur wings published so far.

Incidentally, Matt and colleagues (including myself) are busy with yet another paper on the pterosaur forewing and will be presenting on this at the 55th Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, to be held this year in Glasgow between Monday 27 August and Saturday 1st September. (See www.svpca.org for more details).