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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?

On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, Anthony Docimo wrote:

Biped weighing 4000 kg grabs sauropod by head. A shake of the head, and biped is flung into the woods? I am skeptical. In other words, I think the well-placed crushing bite was _perfect_ for killing long-necks.

Reductio ad absurdem: if your body is as big and as mobile as Mount
Shasta, and your neck is as big as a pencil, are you a 'huge' opponent?

Yes. When you weigh 20 to 40 tons and are moving, that's a BIG yes.

when you have a tiny mouth & are feeding, how fast are you moving in any direction?

Since it appears sauropods were herd animals, some will be feeding and others won't. Herd animals keep informal lookout for predators and when
a predator is spotted they'll react in a number of ways, from stopping
feeding and keeping alert to moving away. A creature of that mass has a
lot of inertia at any speed.