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Re: Late night thoughts: Pathetica and Irony

Sure it does, according to my results and those of Hone et al.. Carrano (2005) even found a _decrease_ of sauropod size, which is the _opposite_ of what you predict (though this may be because he used several immature specimens).

What is this the citation for Carrano's work? I am interested in reading it, since at the Dinosaurs in the New Millenium symposium (though this was in late 2003), unless I misunderstood his talk, he seemed to argue that dinosaurs as a whole trended towards widespread increases in size, with localized examples of decreases (titanosaurs and birdlike coelurosaurs)

- Your e-mail has been sent to the list, so everyone who wants to can read your words in the original; those people are interested know full well what you have said. Whether they've understood it is another matter, but not one I could influence!

One might also note, the list archives are public (albeit with a delay between messages being posted on the list and appearing in the archives), so removal of portions of the original author's message in the response in order to reduce the length of the overall message being sent over the list seems entirely appropriate to me.