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Re: Age Abstractions

These data consist of radiometric age determinations for Cretaceous strata
underlying the K-T interface and palynologic, paleomagnetic, and geochemical
evidence attesting to the Paleocene age of the strata above the K-T
interface. The identification of the paleomagnetic normal interval - C29n -
in the dinosaur-bearing lower part of the Ojo Alamo Sandstone in the
southern San Juan Basin at multiple localities allows for the precise dating
of the last occurrence of Paleocene dinosaurs at the top of chron C29n at
64.432 Ma.

I'll wait for the paper to see how they know it's not C30n. Or one of the subchrons. And then there's reworking...

in the noble pursuit of finding out how the world was made.

Pathetic ooze. I'm not interested in "how the world was made", I'm interested in how the mass extinction happened, and it's not a noble pursuit, it's an INTERESTING one!!!