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Re: Age Abstractions

On 6/19/07, Jerry D. Harris <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:
OK, so it's just an abstract (so far, not counting all that's been published
on the topic previously), but:

Fassett, J.E. 2007. The documentation of in-place dinosaur fossils in the
Paleocene Ojo Alamo Sandstone and Animas Formation in the San Juan Basin of
New Mexico and Colorado mandates a paradigm shift: dinosaurs can no longer
be thought of as absolute index fossils for end-Cretaceous strata in the
Western Interior of North America. New Mexico Geology 29(2):56.

If so - not playing down New Mexico Geology journal importance - the article must be published in Nature or Science - it is a discovery much more important than giant bird-like oviraptor - not soft-pedaling /Gigantoraptor/.


Roberto Takata