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Re: Age Abstractions

On 6/19/07, Jerry D. Harris <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:
OK, so it's just an abstract (so far, not counting all that's been published
on the topic previously), but:

Fassett, J.E. 2007. The documentation of in-place dinosaur fossils in the
Paleocene Ojo Alamo Sandstone and Animas Formation in the San Juan Basin of
New Mexico and Colorado mandates a paradigm shift: dinosaurs can no longer
be thought of as absolute index fossils for end-Cretaceous strata in the
Western Interior of North America. New Mexico Geology 29(2):56.

More one Fassett and paleocene dinosaurs: #Fassett, J. E., and Lucas, S. G., 2000, Evidence for Paleocene dinosaurs in the Ojo Alamo Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin, v. 17, p. 221-230. #Fassett, J.E., Lucas, S. G., Zielinski, R. A. and Budahn, J. R., 2000, Compelling new evidence for Paleocene dinosaurs in the Ojo Alamo Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, USA; in Catastrophic events and mass extinctions: Impacts and beyond: LPI Contribution no. 1053, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, p. 45-46. #DATING THE EXTINCTION OF PALEOCENE LAZARUS DINOSAURS BASED ON MAGNETOCHRONOLOGY, SAN JUAN BASIN, NEW MEXICO http://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2001AM/finalprogram/abstract_25767.htm #NO PALEOCENE DINOSAURS IN THE SAN JUAN BASIN, NEW MEXICO http://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2003RM/finalprogram/abstract_47695.htm


Roberto Takata