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Re: Late night thoughts: Pathetica and Interspersal

Then you have noticed in this thread that David first mis-characterized my position,

did you clarify your position? or did you simply stand where you were, not caring if anyone mistook your position?

then spouted a poorly formed opinion as fact ("if they were that vulnerable, they would have been extinct by the Late Jurassic").

considering you said essentially "anything could bite into a sauropod neck", his reply made sense.

and followed w/ an insult wrapped in a condescension, and a non sequitur ("Are you saying that your hypothesis cannot be tested?").

to be fair, that was the implication you left.

If you did not notice that, then you missed something. It is probably because interspersal, or "interlinear commentary" as you call it, is the perfect vehicle for such activities,

when one cannot highlight which line in a paragraph one wishes to reply to, and when one is replying to several points in a single paragraph, its rather difficult to simply use cut&paste to repeat the paragraph over and over to no good use.

His activity relies on a selectively permissive atmosphere onlist,

being allowed to counter data he percieves as false?

limited time resources on my part,

you're on the list often enough to reply frequently to him and others, both about this thread, and numerous other threads. you might wish to clarify 'limited time resources'.

and is adversarial beyond the bounds of logical discourse.

it can't be beyond the bounds...you've always replied. now, unless you're suggesting that you are also beyond the bounds of discourse...

You will have further noticed that in this thread he makes claims about maximum sauropod size that yield a logical conclusion; that directional selection for size never occurred in the largest land animals ever to have lived. So much for evolution, apparently. He says they were always all the same size anyway, or possibly just appeared at full size and then decreased in size, and that both patterns falsify predation as a factor in sauropod size, which they do not.

no, he said that sauropod size wasn't a result of carnivores biting sauropod necks.

if having their necks bitten was such a risk, sauropods wouldn't have grown such vulnerable necks -- they would develop armor, or simply have shorter necks.

Or you may not have noticed... perhaps because interlinear commentary can be used as a written form of interruption. Have you attempted debate w/ an interrupter?

yes, and I've also attempted debate WITH

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oh, sorry...good thing I didn't have anything there.

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