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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?4

On 6/20/07, don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:
> You seem to be saying that for every large sauropod in the fossil
> record, I must produce a large theropod of exactly the "predicted" size
> and exactly the "predicted" age, or the concept of size race is invalid. The level of specific proof you require is not
> now and never will be available from the fossil record, in my opinion.

That's not what I'm saying at all. I asking you to provide an example
of co-occuring sauro and thero lineages increasing in size in tandem

.............. which requires evidence from the fossil record, of the type I described.

so, you admit you have no evidence.

Now you're not making any sense at all - *Tyrannosaurus rex*, the best
known giant theropod bar none, is from that time and place. What's not
known from that time and place is a seriously big *sauropod*.

............pick a big sauropod, any big sauropod. Gosh, good one.

Seismeosaurus? Brachiosaurus? Diplodocus?

come on, even I (not wise in the names of dinosaurs) can name big sauropods.

A continuous size race, by definition, means a continuous size
increase. A continuous size increase did not occur. Ergo, there was no
continuous size race.

This is elementary logic. Why is it so hard for you to understand?

..........I am just really, really dumb. And simplistic. Why else would I do this? What you describe below, after the words "fallacy of..." is what I call a continuous size race. I also never said that ALL theros drove all sauros, or vice versa. Not quite that simplistic.

okay.....WHAT theropods drove WHAT sauropods?

If the little guys where restricted to refugia, the smallish
camarasaurs wouldn't be the most common sauropod fossils in the
mega-thero'-infested Morrison formation, nor would saltasaurines be so
common in the Late Cretaceous. The only reasonable conclusion is that
the "little guys" were able to coexist with mega-thero's.

........ why not? Refugia can have excellent preservation, or none at all.

if the small saurpods co-existed with mega-theropods, how is that a refugia?

> Which reminds me; how many of the smaller species have a long enough presence in the record to prove that they weren't also increasing in size?

Some no doubt did increase in size, but clearly some didn't, because
we find small sauropods all the way from the Triassic to the end

.......... a single species, shown to maintain small size over a reasonable time span?

1. how do you define "a reasonable time span"?

2.  how do you define "a single species"?

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