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Re: Everything that wanted to know about Majungasaurus

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
And to put things in perspective about the amount of material available, Farke and O'Connor have a sentence in the abstract that
reads "In a survey of 181 postcranial skeletal elements from a minimum of 21 individuals...
And, we didn't look at all of the available material for our study - there is much more beyond 181 elements (see referred specimens on p. 3-6)! Also, before people start comparing Majungasaurus finds to T. rex finds, keep in mind that some of these 21 individuals that Pat and I studied are represented by isolated bones. Regardless, I think Majungasaurus is moving *well* to catch up to Tyrannosaurus in terms of associated skeletons - see the photo on p. 27 of the monograph (which also gives a good idea on the size of Majungasaurus)!