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RE: New gliding reptile: Mecistotrachelos

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_Longisquama_ isn't mentioned in the description, but an analysis of _Longisquama_ a few years back (Senter, 2004) recovered _Longisquama_ in a group he called the Avicephala, which also includes drepanosaurids and coelurosauravids. This group lies somewhere near the base of the Diapsida, outside both the archosauromorphs and lepidosauromorphs.

However Senter's character list was based on incomplete data on drepanosaurids, its integration and reanalysis nested drepanosaurids within the "neodiapsids" possibily close to prolacertiforms (Renesto & Binelli 2006).
The pdf of the paper is available here:

just click on the tiny pdf icon at the bottom of the page below the life restoration...




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