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RE: Frontiers in Dinosaur Research

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Nick
> Hello all,
> Though they are rather old now, does anyone know of a distributor for
> Frontiers in Dinosaur Research/Kyoryugaku Saizensen? Or how widely
> distributed it was when it was first released? I am hoping to locate
> some articles in it through ILL.
> Thank you.

Just something to make clear: Kyoruygaku Saizensen (published by Gakken) was a 
high end popular periodical, not a technical journal.
It is in a similar class to serious high quality pet enthusiast, anime/model 
fan, home gardener, etc., periodicals that are
published by Japan (including other Gakken Mooks [Mook = somewhere between a 
magazine and a book]).

So many libraries will not have carried it, and getting articles through ILL 
will likely be exceedingly difficult. Can't hurt to
ask, though.

On the back page, however, they do have a message "To our foreign friends" that 
this title can be purchased through OCS (Oversea
Courier Service). I don't know if this organization is still intact, and they 
don't give a website, but here are some contact fax

OCS Toronto     416-675-6897
OCS NYC 718-392-7390
OCS Chicago     708-678-1759


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