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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?4

> Re: bipedal climbing, given a favourable substrate, reasonably fit
> people can run up inclines of 45deg without much trouble. I wouldn't
> bet that *Saurophagan[a]x* or *Giganotosaurus* could repeat the
> performance, but I bipedalism in itself doesn't prevent it.

"Suitable"? That's the method I use to get up muddy inclines of 45Â, because
that way I don't have time to slip.

I did not use the word "suitable".

ARGH! Sorry! "favourable".

And I'm not sure what your point is, unless you want to claim
you can run up a 45deg incline on *any*
substrate, including, for example, wet smooth ice.

Wet smooth ice does not work, but most or maybe all kinds of mud I've encountered on inclines ( = probably all that don't flow downhill under their own weight) work.

You'll have to ask Don about that.

That's why I asked in public. I just didn't want to start a whole new post just for this question.