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Re: late night thoughts: misunderstand what?4

Dann, you are neglecting the issue of balance, which is the key issue w/ large short-armed bipeds. Whether they bog down is not the issue, it is whether they _fall_ down.

anything whose belly is higher than a snake's, can fall down.

Bipeds are particularly vulnerable to sudden, unpredictable changes in footing

horses can trip and fall just as easily as ostriches.

(vertical differential, traction, etc). I feel it probable that the large bipeds not only stuck to firm ground, but probably firm ground that was well-compacted by large quadrupeds.

you want to tell this to swamp birds?

I actually have considerable personal experience in this area, having spent much of my life literally in swamps.

good for you.

This includes working w/ machinery; pickups and tractors; and animals (cows, horses, and dogs). Trust me on this; a cow can go places a man can't go, WITHOUT using his hands, and a mule bred from a Percheron horse can pull logs from a place an ox can't.

all of whom weigh far less than any sauropod...so your analogy falls apart.

Even more to the point, I became permanently restricted to crutches some years ago,

sorry to hear that.

and have experience w/ both modes that very few humans can claim to have.

sounds more like you walk like a bat, not a sauropod.

This is because I am not very smart, and keep right on going out there...

this explains a few things. :)

I can cite no studies, but can tell you this with confidence.

sounds like one of those spam emails. :)

Also, some large theropods had longer arms than others.

uh-huh...and that's the price of tea in China - how?

How long your arms have to be to be of assistance in critically unstable balance situations I don't know, of course. Intuitively, I would say arms much shorter than a humans is too short. Again, give it a try!-- DO.

give *WHAT* a try? try watching a theropod race across a mudflat?

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