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Re: No Cretaceous placental mammals?

The new eutherian phylogeny, produced with the inclusion of _Maelestes gobiensis_ of the Djadokhta, and using a considerable spread
of Cretaceous eutherians and Paleogene mammals finds:
* monophyletic Euarchontaglires, Laurasiatheria, Xenarthra, and Afrotheria (the latter two as sister taxa, and together the sister
taxon to laurasiatheres)

Wow! As soon as one takes a serious look at the morphological data, most of the molecular topology comes out! I'm impressed. :-)

* the sister group to Placentalia is a clade comprised of _Purgatorius_, _Protungulatum_, and _Oxyprimus_

Quite unexpected.

* more distal outgroups are lepticids, zalambdalestids, _Deccanolestes_, a Asioryctotheria + Cimolestida clade (the latter includes
_Maelestes_), an _Eozhelestes_ + _Paranyctoides_ clade, zhelestids, _Montanaletes_, _Bobolestes_, and an (_Eomaia_ +
_Prokennalestes_)+ _Murtoilestes_ clade

So, judging from the epipubes retained by the zalambdalestids, the placental mode of reproduction is limited to Placentalia + *Purgatorius*-*Protungulatum*-*Oxyprimus* + Leptictidae?

Interesting position for the cimolestidans. That probably fits the fact better that some retain 5 premolars.