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Re: Longisquama OFFLIST

David Peters wrote:

Actually, by the grace of Tim. The term OFFLIST means the message has been sent to you and Paula, Tim, NOT to the List. You just made it public. Not that there is anything wrong with the message, but the intent was to keep it OFFLIST.

The message was not addressed to me, but sent to me nonetheless. Thus, I assumed that it was sent erroneously to the entire list. It might have helped if you had also addressed the message to me, not just to Paula, if I was an intended recipient.

And once again, how do you get hypertrophied digits from atrophied digits?

Answer: Why not. Digits have re-gained function in a locomotory or prehensile capacity in several dinosaur lineages: sauropods, therizinosauroids, birds. I don't see why this is a big deal. BTW, for your assertion to be correct you would also have to demonstrate that the ancestor possessed "atrophied" digits, as opposed to the sister taxon.



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