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Re: Late night thoughts: Pathetica and Interspersal

David Marjanovic wrote:

Easy: you said there was "a dramatic increase in size that occurred early in their evolution (from _Anchisaurus_-sized to _Isanosaurus_-sized and beyond"; I said there was no such increase, only diversification.

So diversification entailed both a decrease and increase in size? How much is this predicated upon the exact topology of non-eusauropod sauropodomorphs (you know, basal sauropodomorphs, plateosaurs, basal sauropods, etc)?

I didn't mention that *Anchisaurus* comes out as the result of a dwarfing event; the first sauropod is reconstructed as larger.

Ah, that little detail might have helped. :-)

Note that there is a possibility that _Anchisaurus_ is based on immature specimens...

Fedak, T.J., and Galton, P.M. (2007). New information on the braincase and skull of _Anchisaurus polyzelus_ (Lower Jurassic, Connecticut, USA; Saurischia: Sauropodomorpha): implications for sauropodomorph systematics; pp. 245-260 in Barrett, P.M. and Batten, D.J. (eds.), Evolution and Palaeobiology of Early Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs. Special Papers in Palaeontology 77. Palaeontological Association, London.

(I don't actually have a pdf of this paper. If somebody could send a copy my way, I'd be FOREVER in your debt.)

The same, incidentally, holds even for *Saturnalia* and the first sauropodomorph.

Now THAT'S a surprise.



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