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Re: Another paper request

Just as I was beginning to give up hope...

Thanks very much for that - much appreciated.


>>> Ruben Guzman <paleovert@yahoo.com.mx> 06/22/07 2:27 am >>>
Dear Mark,
  Here it is. Enjoy!
  Best regards,
  Ruben Guzmann. 

Mark Witton <Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk> escribió:
  Hi folks,

I've just noticed a big, pterosaur trackway-shaped hole in my references: does 
anyone have a pdf of the following they would be willing to throw my way?

Lockley, M. G., Logue, T. J. Moratella, J. J. Hunt, A. P. Schultz, R. J. & 
Robinson, J. W. 1995. The fossil trackway Pteraichnus is pterosaurian, not 
crocodilian: implications for the global distribution of pterosaur tracks. 
Ichnos, 4, 7â??20.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Witton

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