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re: analysis of Senter's analysis

Thanks to Silvio for referring us to his Vallesaurus paper which includes much 
of Senter's analysis. 

I'll work on it this weekend and try to shed some light on the situation by 
testing it with the addition of a taxon or two, checking characters, etc. I'll 
run it (1) as is, (2) with mistakes corrected, (3) with additional characters 
filling in at least some of the many question marks in the matrix; and (4) with 
a few lizards included.

I note that there are only 76 characters in the study -- about half of what 
there should be. I also note that two thirds of the characters for Longisquama 
are question marks, so putting great faith in that particular nesting is like 
walking on thin ice IMHO. One of the matrix boxes concerrning pedal digit V was 
filled in, evidently inadvertently, because otherwise no post dorsal characters 
were noted.

We'll see after the weekend.

David Peters
St. Louis