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Re: Dromaeosaurus Tracks?

In a message dated 6/22/2007 1:46:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
dinoguy@sbcglobal.net writes:

<< The famous "fighting dinosaurs" of the
Gobi preserve a  snapshot of _Velociraptor_ imbedding its killer claw into
the throat of  _Protoceratops_, so it is doubtful that the claws were merely
for display.  >>

I've mentioned it here a bazillion times, the the  foot of the Velociraptor 
in the "Fighting Dinosaurs" group that is NOT in the  throat of the 
Protocerceratops shows a digit #2 that is NOT hyperflexed. I would  imagine 
that this 
would be the "normal" pose. Matt Smith showed this in his  model of V. for the 

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