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Re: No Cretaceous placental mammals?

They find _Vegavis iaai_, a Maastrichtian bird from Antarctica, to be
a stem-anatid. This means, at the very least, that pan-palaeognathes,
pan-galliforms, pan-neoavians, pan-anhimids, pan-anatids, and the
_Anseranas_ total group were distinct before the K/Pg boundary. (Also
possibly the _Lithornis_ branch--or is _Lithornis_ considered a
palaeognathe now?)

The lithornithids are traditionally considered paleognaths, but a few analyses, such as Livezey & Zusi's humongous one, have found them (usually *Lithornis* alone) as the sister-group of Neornithes.

Most bird "orders" of course belong to Neoaves... there were neornitheans in the Cretaceous, but there may not have been a lot.