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Re: No Cretaceous placental mammals?

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(Accordingly, I got two copies: one in HTML, and one in plain text without line breaks. That means that many list members probably got the "message truncated" error. So I reproduce the entire e-mail:)

Me: <<Going totally off-track, I've heard there should be a Lower Cretaceous trity (-lodontid) cynodont appearing some time in the not too distant future.>>

DM: <<A third one?>>

Unless I've missed something, this'll be the second to make it into print, with the first being a single tooth that received some kind of mention or other in: Hammer, W.R. 1996. Evolutionary and biogeographic implications of an Antarctic Jurassic dinosaur fauna. AAPG Bulletin 80: 1827.

The tip-off is from a very good source. Somewhat less reliably, I think this is probably one dug up several years ago. In that way, despite being one specimen, it could appear to be both a second and a third.

No, I meant the third Early Cretaceous trity, after *Xenocretosuchus* and the over 100 unnamed teeth from Japan.