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Re: Cretaceous birds (was: No Cretaceous placental mammals?)

> They find _Vegavis iaai_, a Maastrichtian bird from
> Antarctica, to be
> a stem-anatid. This means, at the very least, that
> pan-palaeognathes,
> pan-galliforms, pan-neoavians, 
> pan-anhimids,

Not sure about these. "Ciconiiformes",
"Pelecaniformes" and "Gruiformes" need revision
entirely. Former 2 are complex, last apparently core =
Laurasian, + Gondwanan (Metaves?)  -> Phorusrhacids,
seriemas etc are entirely open to discussion. Probably
a handful of lineages altogether around the boundary,
if much more then many minor/stem ones.

> pan-anatids, and the
> _Anseranas_ total group were distinct before the

+ Charadriiformes? 2-5 crown lineages, possibly more?



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