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[Lon Smith: RE: Three reasons to visit the Field Museum this summer... :-)]

Forwarded by request.

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Would you do me a favor and post this to the discussion?  Dr. Thomas Carr
paid us a visit last week and found that the specimen we had been told was
an Albertosaurus is actually a Despletosaurus.  Since it is on display about
4 feet from our new T-rex (Ivan), we are the only place in the world one can
examine these two species side by side.  Both are a large proportion actual
fossil and worth a motor trip to Wichita to see.  I'm no dinosaur expert,
but it was certainly thrilling to have the opportunity to observe the
paleontologists who discovered Ivan as they reassembled it here at the
museum.  On a couple of occasions I was put to work assisting with the
larger bones; incredible experience.  As a matter of fact, we had this
process open to the public and Alan and his team gave impromptu lectures to
patrons about the fossils, the process of discovery and excavation and the
like.  It was an exceptional two or three days.  I've attached a couple of
photos for you to examine and hope you will help me to get the word out
about our exhibits.  Here is a link to our Ivan page:



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Guy Leahy writes:
 > Dear Dinolisters,
 > First, there was this exhibit:
 > http://www.fieldmuseum.org/evolvingplanet/
 > Then this one:
 > http://www.fieldmuseum.org/dinosaurs/
 > Now, yet another new, cool exhibit:
 > http://www.fieldmuseum.org/darwin/
 > Make your vacation plans... :-)

And of course the REAL reason to go to the Field Musuem:

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