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Re: Three reasons to visit the Field Museum this summer... :-)

--- Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:

> Matt Wedel and I were at the Field Musuem for two
> days, during which
> time we took 640 photographs.  When I got home, it
> occurred to me that
> would be nice to check my Sue photos.  On checking
> through, I found
> that skeleton appears, far off in the background, in
> a grand total of
> two of the photos :-)
> Not that it isn't an awesome skeleton.  It is.  But
> they really should
> have left the Brachiosaurus inside and put Sue
> between its front
> legs.  Just for a bit of context, you know.
Now *that* would have been an interesting display...

I also thought that many of the dinosaur skeletal
mounts in the "Evolving Planet" exhibit were well
done.  I didn't know the Field Museum had so much
fossil material.  Below is a picture from the dinosaur
portion of "Evolving Planet":


One could read the article above and infer all of the
photos are from the "Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New
Discoveries" exhibit, but the top photo is actually
from the "Evolving Planet" exhibit.  I thought one of
the better mounts in "Evolving Planet" was

Guy Leahy