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Rearing to Rear (Was "3 reasons to visit the Field Museum")

While we're on the subject of Brachiosaur postures - what are the
current prevailing opinions on sauropod mating?

Is male climbing female still conceivable for an animal that size?
Could a side by side approach reach one another's cloacca?  If
climbing was involved, do Brachiosaur forelimbs allow enough sideways
movement to straddle the back properly, or should we expect a more
"footprints on the back" pose?  Have there been any studies made on
the large sauropods to calculate the amount of weight they could
sustain bearing down on them in this kind of situation?  What are we
to make of Amargasaurus in the mounting scenario - those beautiful
dorsal adornments can't have made things very easy...

Apologies for the big flurry of questions - if it's easier to cite me
a reference where I can start researching, please do so.