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Re: Rearing to Rear (Was "3 reasons to visit the Field Museum")

Sam Barnett writes:

While we're on the subject of Brachiosaur postures - what are the
current prevailing opinions on sauropod mating?

They definitely did it. Well, unless they were all parthenogenic females...

Seriously though; they may have used a similar method to that of some whales (like humpbacks), whereby an enormously long and dexterous penis was able to circumvent any awkward obstacles. In that way they'd have only had to sidle up to each other within 'penis range', and could have remained on all fours.

Male humpbacks are really a sight to behold in the mating season. Often a female will reject their advances and roll onto her back at the surface, with her vent in the air. A really large male can still mate with her though, by getting alongside and rolling onto his own back, then sending his weirdly mobile penis off to explore by itself.


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